We are fly fisherman and welders that set out to solve the problem of wanting more time on the water and less time rigging. We knew to solve this problem we had to build a product that was durable, portable, convenient, looked good and that could endure the harsh mountain environment. And more importantly—it had to keep our fly fishing gear safe and secure. We created the original design for ourselves, but it wasn’t long before we were making them for our family and friends. And the rest they say is history.

Today, Fly Rod Safes are used by professional fishing guides and avid fisherman up and down the Western Mountain and Eastern United States where pristine fishing can be found.

The Fly Rod Safe Company is a state-of-the-art custom welding and fabricating company, staffed with first-class certified welders. We take pride in our products and guarantee the Fly Rod Safe from any manufacturing breaks or malfunctions for a lifetime.

Fly Fisherman
Fly Rod Safe Hard Case

Hard Case Interior

Fly Rod Safes are made from solid aluminum (no plastic fittings, fasteners or plugs). Every rod tube, connector, and reel case are hand welded in house. Each clamp of the mounting system is hand-machined out of solid aluminum stock. The thick aluminum exterior is rust-resistant and protects your gear from harm.

Leak Prevention

We use weather and abrasion resistant rubber bulb seal around the case edge that protects your valuable rods and reels from rain, dust, and sleet. The locks are zinc plated compression latches (black finish) designed to compress the weather strip for a firm and air-tight seal.

Fly Rod Safe Leak Proof
Fly Rod Safe Interior

Rod Protection

We take extra care to line the individual rod tubes with a semi-rigid extruded plastic liner, to provide a safe, soft surface to transport your fly rods. The aluminum-lined tubes provide a base layer of protection that also prevent fly hooks from catching. Our Big Run and Legend interiors come with a mahogany backing board, designed with funnel grooves to ease your guides into the tubes. For extra protection, a removable rod sock can be added by request.

Rod Length

All Fly Rod Safes carry rods up to 10ft 6in in length—allowing rods and reels to be fully rigged so your always ready to hit the water. This is ideal for guides so they can be ready at a moment’s notice for client arrival. Rod lengths can be customized; added fees may apply.

Fly Rod Safe Length
Fly Rod Safe Protection

Powder Coat Your Fly Rod Safe

Our Fly Rod Safes are powder coated that provides a colorful industrial finish to protect the aluminum from wear and oxidation. We offer a large variety of colors and tones. An accent color can be added on emblems and mounts to personalize the look of your Fly Rod Safe. Find your perfect color here.



Fly Rod Safe Warranty